WeisFeedback.com – Win 100 Weis Points – Weis Market Survey

WeisFeedback.com Weis Markets, an American retail company, asks customers to take part in an opinion survey. All comments and suggestions will be considered to improve the company’s service and facilities. It is really simple to participate. You merely need to have purchased something from any of Weis’ outlets within the prior seven days.

WeisFeedback.com - Win 100 Weis Points - Weis Market Survey

You can input information on the sales receipt. To complete the customer feedback survey, go to www.WeisFeedback.com Here and adhere to the instructions. You will receive 100 Weis points for completing all of the questions. You have several opportunities to win since you can finish one survey every seven days and accumulate incentives.

WeisFeedback.com - Win 100 Weis Points - Weis Market Survey

About The Weis Market Survey


Weis Markets, Inc., a national food retailer powerhouse located in the Mid-Atlantic established by the brothers Harry & Sigmund Weis, today maintains around 200 retail outlets with over 23,000 workers across the United States. Weis Markets is based in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, although it has locations throughout the states of Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, the state of Delaware, and West Virginia.

Weis Markets, Inc. has become the principal shopping location for the majority of Mid-Atlantic inhabitants these days. For many years, Weis Markets used a point system that benefited its consumers by allowing them to earn points with each purchase or save money on subsequent purchases.

Requirements for WeisFeedback Survey

We’ve gone over the long Terms and Conditions so you don’t have to. Here’s what you should know:

  • A valid receipt from a recent transaction at a Weis location.
  • A device such as a laptop, tablet, or phone has internet access.
  • Learn the English and Spanish languages.
  • Be able to recollect your most recent Weis market encounter.

Restrictions on the Survey

  • Participants under the age limit of 18 are not permitted.
  • Participants will only earn their 100 Weis Awards after completing one survey every seven days.
  • The reward points are not transferable.
  • Cheating is not permitted.

WeisFeedback.com - Win 100 Weis Points - Weis Market Survey

How to Complete the Weis Feedback Survey

Visit www.weisfeedback.com for more information. Participate in the Weis Feedback Questionnaire

  • Enter your reward card number, venue number, and the time and date of visit on the page.
  • To begin, press the “START” button.
  • Give scores to the survey questions based on consumer shopping experiences at Weis Markets.
  • Answer the unanswered query about why the consumer was or was not happy with their Weis Markets experience.
  • Answer questions about client information such as gender, age, and so on.
  • Enter all of the customer’s personal information who is participating in the Weis opinion survey.
  • The client who participated in the survey will receive 100 Weis points for participating in the conclusion.
  • Weis rewards may be utilized to get discounts.

Weis Feedback Survey Prizes

Weis Markets has stepped up its game in terms of creating a close relationship with its clients. Customers that participate in the WeisFeedback questionnaire will get 100 Weis Rewards Points. For further information, please visit the Weis Official Website at https://www.weismarkets.com/

Weis markets want to understand what their customers’ entire experience was through Weisfeedback, whether it was favorable or negative, satisfactory or unsatisfactory.  Customers may earn more Weis rewards points by participating in the Weis survey.  The fortunate person will get 100 Weis Rewards Credits after completing the Weisfeedback survey.

Get More Free Rewards & Prizes

For further information, reach out to Weis Markets Customer Service.

  • Weis Markets, Inc. Customer Service Phone Number: 570-286-4571
  • Weis Markets, Inc.’s customer service address is 1000 South Second Street.
  • Sunbury, PO Box 471,
  • 17801 Pennsylvania
  • Weis Markets, Inc. Customer Service Email: customerservice@weismarkets.com

WeisFeedback.com - Win 100 Weis Points - Weis Market Survey


Three major factors contribute to the success of all department stores: reputation, quality, and cheap prices. Weis marketplaces have it all, and they work hard to maintain these three factors consistent. Weis requires client feedback for this. This page contains information on the Weis Consumer Survey.

It specifies the rules and prerequisites to be followed, as well as step-by-step instructions to be followed as part of participating in this. It also explains how the consumer may win 100 Weis Points for Rewards by participating in the WeisFeedback Poll. Readers with further questions can refer to the reference links given throughout the article.

Weis Feedback Survey FAQ’s

  • Question – Does Weis accept double coupons?

Answer – Yes, Weis Market accepts manufacturer’s coupons for up to 99 cents. It permits up to four doubles in the same ticket.

  • Question – Who is the owner of Weis Markets?

Answer – Harry and Sigmund Weiss own Weis Markets. Despite the fact that the corporation is publicly traded, it still holds approximately 65 percent of its stock.

  • Question – What am I able to receive through my Weis points?

Answer – Weis points may be used to redeem a variety of perks such as petrol rewards, supermarket discounts, discount coupons, and so on.

  • Question – Is there a senior discount at Weis?

Answer – Seniors (over the age of 60) can conserve up to 10% contingent upon the day. For additional information, please contact your closest shop.

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